MS1004SH Shindengen Quasi-Resonant Power Supply ICs

Description 1 Absolute Maximum Ratings (at Tc=25℃) 1 (at Tc=25℃) 1-1 Thermal Ratings 1-1 Item Storage temperature Junction temperature Total power dissipation 1-2 Electrical Ratings 1-2 Item Vin maximum applied voltage Vin Vin reverse bias voltage Vinバイアス VCC maximum applied voltage VCC VCC reverse bias voltage VCCバイアス Z/C into maximum current Z/C F/B into maximum current F/B OCL into maximum current O...
Features e Vin applied voltage Vin VCC applied voltage VCC Z/C into current Z/C Symbol   Top Vin VCC IZ/C Recommended value    min typ max Unit -20 --- 125 ℃ 95 --- 450 V 11 --- 24 V -4.5 --- 4.5 mA Notes : The product life depends on the condition of use even within the above operating conditions. Using at Tj = 100℃ or less is recommended for th...

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MS1004SH   MS1004SH   MS1004SH  

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