HN2E04F Toshiba (https://www.toshiba.com/) MULTI CHIP DISCRETE DEVICE

Description TOSHIBA MULTI CHIP DISCRETE DEVICE HN2E04F HN2E04F Super High Speed Switching Application Audio Frequency Amplifier Application Audio Low Noise Amplifier Application Q1 High Voltage : VCEO = −120V High DC Current Gain : hFE = 200 to 700 Good hFE Linearity Q2 : hFE(IC =− 0.1mA)/ hFE(IC =− 2mA) = 0.95 Low Forward Voltage Drop : VF(3) = 0.98V (typ.) Fast Reverse Recovery Time : trr = 1.6n...
Features V 80 V Maximum (peak) forward current IFM 300 mA Average forward current Surge current (10ms) IO IFSM 100 mA 1 A Absolute Maximum Ratings (Ta = 25°C) (Q1, Q2 Common) Characteristic Collector power dissipation Junction temperature Storage temperature range Symbol PC* Tj Tstg Rating Unit 300 mW 125 °C −55 to 125 °C Note: Usin...

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