iT4032D Iterra 50-ps wideband phase delay

Description The iT4032D is an ultra-wideband phase delay fabricated using 0.1-μm HBT GaAs technology. The high output voltage, excellent rise and fall times, and the high eye diagram quality at all data rates up to 12.5 Gb/s makes the iT4032D suitable for timing adjustment in data and clock distribution at a very high speed. Complex digital applications that can benefit from the iT4032D include clock data rec...
Features a single delay element that provides up to 50 ps delay and a 180 deg. shift capability. The delay control can be either differential (using both VCp and VCm) or single-ended (VCp is the active control pad while VCm is shorted to VCref). The nominal control voltage range for the delay is from -2.2 V to -3.0 V, whether the control is single-ended or ...

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