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MSA-RM-2 Datasheet Preview

MSA-RM-2 Datasheet

(MSA-RM-1 / MSA-RM-2) Replacement Relay Modules

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® MSA-RM-1 and MSA-RM-2 Relay Modules
Replacement Relay Modules for MINI-SCREEN® and MICRO-SCREEN® Metal Boxes
Model MSA-RM-1
Shock Hazard
Before performing any
maintenance inside the control box,
always remove all power from the
control box and from the machinery
to which the control box is connected.
Failure to do so can result in
electrical shock and serious injury or
Module replacement requires only a 3/8" nut driver. The procedure given below is for
replacement of the module.
Removing the old module
1. Before opening the control box cover, remove all power to the control box and to the
machinery to which the control box is connected. Open the control box cover. Refer to
the drawing below.
2. The relay module is held to the power supply board by four #10-24 nylon nuts and
connector pins. The nuts are shaded in the drawing below. Remove the nuts from the
module that is to be removed. NOTE: A spare set of nuts is provided.
3. Free the module from its connector sockets as follows: Grasp the module. Pull up gently
and evenly, while rocking the module from side-to-side until the module comes free of
the connector sockets.
Installing the new module
1. Make certain that all power has been removed from the control box and the machinery to
which the control box is connected.
2. Place the module onto its nylon mounting studs. Press gently but firmly along the right
and left edges of the module to seat the circuit connector pins snugly and completely into
their sockets.
3. Replace the four #10-24 nylon nuts and tighten them snugly using a 3/8" nut driver. Use
caution to avoid overtightening.
4. Refer to the system instruction manual and perform the Commissioning Checkout
Procedure found there.
If you have any problems or questions, contact the Banner Applications Department
at 888.373.6767. E-mail: sensors@bannerengineering.com
Printed in USA
10/05 P/N 40842 rev. B
Banner Engineering Corp., 9714 Tenth Ave. No., Minneapolis, MN USA 55441 • Phone: 763.544.3164 • www.bannerengineering.com • Email: sensors@bannerengineering.com

Part Number MSA-RM-2
Description (MSA-RM-1 / MSA-RM-2) Replacement Relay Modules
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