AS3824 Renesas (https://www.renesas.com/) 16-Channel White LED Controller

Description The AS3824 is a 16 channel high precision LED controller for use in LCD-backlight panels. Dynamic power feedback controls the external power supply to guarantee best efficiency. One high accurate global 10 bit DAC can be used to set the LED current as well as each channel has its own additional 8 bit DAC to boost the dynamic range of LED Backlight systems. Each channel is equipped with an independ...
Features include thermal shutdown as well as open and short LED detection. The device is programmable via serial interface (SPI). 2 Features
● Supports all LED backlight topologies x No limit of VLED or ILED, device is not exposed to high voltage/high current
● Optimum power savings through local dimming x 16 fully flexible 12 bit PWM generators (period, h...

Datasheet PDF File AS3824 Datasheet 548.25KB

AS3824   AS3824   AS3824  

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