iT2001P Iterra 1 to 20 GHz medium gain high-power amplifier

Description The iT2001P is a broadband packaged amplifier designed for high output power applications. It provides saturated output power of 1 W up to 7 GHz and greater than 29 dBm up to 14 GHz. Typical gain of 13 dB is provided across the bandwidth. DC power consumption of 5.4 W is obtained in bias condition for best output power and good linear performance. Input and output ports are DC coupled. The iT2001P...
Features Bandwidth: 1 GHz
  – 20 GHz Psat (1 GHz
  – 7 GHz): 30 dBm nominal Psat (7 GHz
  – 14 GHz): > 29 dBm nominal Psat (14 GHz
  – 20 GHz): > 26 dBm nominal Gain: 13 dB nominal DC bias conditions: 9 V at 600 mA Ceramic flange-mount package Absolute Maximum Ratings (1. Combination of positive supply voltage and supply current per stage (Vd1 x Id1) shall not ex...

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