iT3022D Iterra 10-GHz 6-dB-gain differential buffer

Description The iT3022D is a differential buffer amplifier designed for use in applications up to 10 GHz. It supports fully differential operation as well as single-ended-to-differential and singleended-to-single-ended operation. The iT3022D is ideal for any RF application in which a highly-linear, low-gain differential buffer is required, such as microwave communications, test equipment, digital receiver sys...
Features Buffer function 3-dB bandwidth: 10 GHz Single-ended gain: 6 dB Standard bias supply: -5 V, +5 V Power consumption: 1.35 W 1% total harmonic distortion at Pout: 0 dBm Low group delay Low jitter CMRR: >20 dB at 10 GHz AC and DC input coupling (SCFL compatible) AC and DC output coupling Absolute Maximum Ratings Sym bol Vee Vcc Vd Vm Tch Tstg Param ...

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