SSQF07N65J SeCoS N-Ch Enhancement Mode Power MOSFET

Description This advanced high voltage MOSFET is designed to stand high energy in the avalanche mode and switch efficiently. This new high energy device also offers a drain-to-source diode fast recovery time. Designed for high voltage, high speed switching applications such as power supplies, converters, power motor controls and bridge circuits. FEATURES  High Current Rating  Low RDS(ON)  Low Capacitance ...
 High Current Rating
 Low RDS(ON)
 Low Capacitance
 Low Total Gate Charge
 Tighter VSD Specifications
 Avalanche Energy Specified
 Fast Switching Capability MARKING PF07N65   = Production Line Indication ORDER INFORMATION Part Number Type SSQF07N65J Lead (Pb)-free SSQF07N65J-C Lead (Pb)-free and Halogen-free ITO-220J REF. A B ...

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