Part Number RN4611
Manufacturer Toshiba (https://www.toshiba.com/)
Title Silicon NPN/PNP Epitaxial Type Transistor
Description TOSHIBA Transistor Silicon NPN/PNP Epitaxial Type (PCT Process) (Transistor with Built-in Bias Resistor) RN4611 Switching, Inverter Circuit, Inter...
Features ion Start of commercial production 1988-11 2019-11-01 RN4611 Q1, Q2 Common Absolute Maximum Ratings (Ta = 25°C) Characteristic Symbol Rating Unit Collector power dissipation Junction temperature Storage temperature range PC * Tj Tstg 300 m...

Datasheet PDF File RN4611 Datasheet 562.95KB

RN4611   RN4611   RN4611  

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