iT3018E gigoptix Receiver limiter amplifier

Description The iT3018E is a RoHS-6-compliant limiting amplifier for use as a post amplifier in OC192 and STM-64 optical receivers. Differential signals as small as +/-6 mVpp can be amplified to 2.2 Vpp differential. The device includes offset correction and output voltage control. Both AC and DC coupling are allowed at both input and output. The high sensitivity of the iT3018E allows the device to be used at...
Features www.DataSheet4U.com Absolute Maximum Ratings S ymbol Vee1,2 Vd Vm Tch Tstg Parameters/conditions Pow er supply voltage Applied voltage at data input (differential) Applied voltage at data input (single ended) Maximum channel temperature Storage temperature Min. -8 Max. 0 3 1.5 5 150 Units V V V mA o Ioffset(+),(-) Offset control current -65 ...

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