STI3470 SUNTO 2.0A Synchronous Step-Down Converter

Description The STI3470 is a fully integrated, high– efficiency 2.0A synchronous rectified step-down converter. The STI3470 operates at high efficiency over a wide output current load range. This device offers two operation modes, PWM control and PFM Mode switching control, which allows a high efficiency over the wider rang...
· High Efficiency: Up to 95%
· High Efficiency: Up to 95%
· 600KHz Frequency Operation
· 2.0A Output Current
· No Schottky Diode Required
· 3.5V to 18V Input Voltage Range
· 0.6V Reference
· Slope Compensated Current Mode Control for Excellent Line and Load Transient Response
· Integrated internal compensation
· Stable with Low ESR Ceramic Output C...

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